Foods That Are Actually Secret Sugar Bombs


We all know very well how added sugar is hiding in plain sight and we are too blind to see it. There are plenty of sneaky sugar bombs out there that we tend to consume either knowingly or unknowingly. We consume these on an everyday basis though we try to avoid as much sugar as possible from our diet. In this article, we have listed out some of the sneaky sugar bombs that are entering into our system without our knowledge.

Foods that are high in sugar content have to be avoided by all means and we have tried our best to bring them to light in this article. Continue reading to find out about the foods that are high in sugar content and are acting as secret sugar bombs.

1. Deli Meat: Packaged slices are known to contain honey, dextrose, corn syrup, etc., that are forms of added sugar

2. Granola And Protein Bars: These are healthy snacks; but they can be considered as a candy for the amount of sugar content that they have.

3. Flavoured Yogurt: Flavoured yogurts are super sugary and they contain about 25 grams of sugar and are not a healthy option at all.

4. Fruit Juices And Purees: The sugar added to fruit juices can be equal to what you might find in sodas. Added sugars are definitely something that you need to keep off from.

5. Nut Butter: Many nut butters contain small amount of sugar, honey or dried cane syrup. Hence, it is better to keep off from these as much as possible.


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