Tips to Make Up When You Don’t Get the Required Cut Off in Exams


The class 12 board exams and the gaga around it are almost over. The exams having got over and dusted, nothing can be undone or bettered now. The yardstick for students’ entry into their preferred colleges is measured with their cut off marks. Even a decimal percentage makes a difference in the ranking and the choices students are left out with. What if students do not secure the required marks? Are their lives doomed to picking rags like every other stereotypical parent threatens? The answer is a big NO. Low cut off marks is not the end of the world and students need not get panicky with their grades. Every cloud has a silver lining after all!

So heres the good news to sooth students and reassure their confidence to make it to their dream career. You have more choices than you think. So stop being too choosy about the choices and expand your horizons. Follow the tips below to make it up for the goof up in your cut off.

Choice of Varsity So that one dream college has stringent rules with cut off and wont just let you a student enrolment. Most people have a perception that only rare premiere colleges can fetch students a decent job and a career. The good news is that, the perception is only a myth! Not all colleges are bad just like how not everything is good. It is okay if the college is not ranked number one. There are number two and number three ranks that give nothing less other than its ostentatious fame. If all you want is a renowned name, earn it for yourself by making it big in your career than relying on just a college name! Choice of Course Ouch! That mechanical engineering course that you had eyed on in IIT is just out of reach due to a less cut off and are you might be offered a different stream in engineering. It might be a mini heart break to know that your career path is going to take a turn elsewhere and hell is breaking loose! Relax! There is more than one way to a skin cat.

There is always a compromise that you can make. Either switch your college option or the course you want to. Like you cant sleep and eat at the same time, some times you cant have two of your preferences fulfilled at the same time. But it is okay. Change of course is not really a bad option. Choosing a course based on your cut off only means that you take a subject that is easy for you to handle. So chill and think of the positive side!


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