Wildlife Excursion To Bandipur From Bangalore!


Bandipur National Park, South India’s most popular wildlife reserve, was established in the year 1974, under Project Tiger. Apart from tigers, Bandipur is home to a large number of wildlife as well as plant species, in its dry deciduous forest. A long time ago, Bandipur was a private hunting reserve of Maharaja of Mysore. Bandipur houses a number of endangered animal species such as Indian elephants, tigers, Indian rock pythons, gaurs, etc.; plant species such as teak, rosewood, sandalwood and more! It is also home to a wide range of birds, all in all, making it the perfect getaway into the nature. Best Time To Visit Bandipur National Park The best time to visit Bandipur is between October to May, when the weather is pleasantly cool. Safari Details Charges: Rs. 300 (per person) for Indian Nationals and Rs. 1100 (per person) for Foreign Nationals. Timings: The Safari is held only during two times of the day, i.e, 6.30 am to 8.30 am during the morning and 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm during the evening.

Routes From Bangalore To Bandipur Route 1: NICE Bangalore-Mysore Expressway – Ramanagar – Channapatna – Mandya (NH 275) – Mysore – Nanjanagud (NH 766) – NH 181 – Bandipur (230 km – 4 h 30 min) Route 2: CNR Road Underpass/CV Raman Rd. – NH 75 – NH 150A – NH 766 – NH 181 – Bandipur (268 km – 5h 15 min) Route 3: NICE Bangalore-Mysore Expressway – NH 209 – Malavalli – Mysore – NH 766 – NH 181 – Bandipur (235km – 5 h)


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